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After being without internet since Tuesday, I finally am back online. 🙂 With as much as I’m on the net, it proved to be quite difficult to be without it for so long. Fortunately, I at least had EDGE service on my phone so I could get my email and browse the internet, even though …

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Which flavour to choose?

Well, most of you probably know that I’m a Linux freak, and personally prefer Gentoo over any other flavour (aka distribution or distro for short). Considering there are a huge amount of different tastes and preferences out there, there are, consequently, a huge amount of flavours from which to choose. I recently found these really …

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FLV Player is back

Well it seems like I’m limited to making one new button for the sidebar per day. I decided that the one that needed to be brought back the quickest was the FLV Player. Since so many people like to download the video clips from the Z-Issue, it only makes sense to have the link to …

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