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The red badge of courag…loserdom

Well everyone, I always said that I was a big nerd, and now it is official. I went and took the nerd quiz (which actually had some challenging questions), and this is the badge that I get to…errrrrr…ummmmmmm…proudly display: So, any time that you hear me complain about not having a significant other, please do …

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Z-Issue software update

Hello everyone, Just to let you know, the Z-Issue will be down for a little bit later on this evening as it undergoes a software update. Also, I’m thinking about re-skinning it to give it a face-lift, but I am still undecided. In any event, and barring any major hiccups, the blog shall return sometime …

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Just a little kernel humour

I don’t know if anyone other than Linux users / developers will appreciate this humour or not, but I thought it was hysterical. Two users on a forum were discussing some of the kernel configuration names. The first user asked a completely legitimate question: What is CONFIG_USB_MON? To which the second user responded: A Jamaican …

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