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Just a little kernel humour

I don’t know if anyone other than Linux users / developers will appreciate this humour or not, but I thought it was hysterical. Two users on a forum were discussing some of the kernel configuration names. The first user asked a completely legitimate question: What is CONFIG_USB_MON? To which the second user responded: A Jamaican …

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Awesome programmer joke

Okay, I know this is really dorky, and perhaps I am a complete geek for finding it funny. That being said… Q. Why do programmers mix up Halloween and Christmas? A. Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec I know it’s absurd, but that’s part of the Z-Issue! It is, after all, a true affinity of …

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After being without internet since Tuesday, I finally am back online. 🙂 With as much as I’m on the net, it proved to be quite difficult to be without it for so long. Fortunately, I at least had EDGE service on my phone so I could get my email and browse the internet, even though …

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