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Open Letter

Alrighty, I’m finally done with my rough draft of my open letter. The letter addresses my concerns of the Balanced Literacy program being used in gradeschool. While I think it may be an effective methodology for high school, and even middle school, I don’t think it is efficient at the elementary level. This letter was …

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Dredg – Catch Without Arms

Well, here it is: the awaited new album from Dredg. I loved leitmotif, so I couldn’t wait to hear what the new CD would sound like. Would it be totally different? Would it be a continuation of the older discs? From the very hard-hitting intro track of “Ode to the Sun” all the way to …

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The Boogeyman

Horrible. Just plain bad. I knew it was going to be awful, but I just had to witness it for myself. It was a sad attempt at a scary movie. It was incredibly boring, had redundant shot sequences, and had an stunningly predictable ending. The only thing that made it even watchable was the hopes …

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