Dredg – Catch Without Arms

Well, here it is: the awaited new album from Dredg. I loved leitmotif, so I couldn’t wait to hear what the new CD would sound like. Would it be totally different? Would it be a continuation of the older discs? From the very hard-hitting intro track of “Ode to the Sun” all the way to my favourite track, “Planting Seeds,” Dredg brings a masterpiece of intertwining tenor vocals, beautiful U2-esque guitar integration, and trance-style bass lines. The only thing is I wish I would have heard a little more variation between songs on the CD.

My favourite tracks on the disc right now are:
1. Planting Seeds
2. Spitshine
3. Bug Eyes

If you would like to check out some sound clips, you can either visit the band’s website at:


Or, CD Universe at:

CD Universe

Catch Without Arms cover

I have to give “Catch Without Arms” a valiant:

8 / 10

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