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Thailand Day 2: Shutdown Bangkok, protests, and temples

Today, we woke up a little earlier than anticipated, and decided to get going on our second day in Bangkok. I had planned on visiting several temples throughout the day, since they are such a huge part of Thai culture. Our first temple was Wat (which means “temple” in Thai) Benchamabopit, or more commonly known …

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Thailand Day 1: Snakes, Jim Thompson, and Siam Niramit

Surprisingly, we awoke earlier than intended, and decided to seize the day. We headed down to the 5th floor for the included breakfast, which was massively diverse! The Eastin Grand Sathorn hotel offered everything from some Americanised, “Western” dishes like omelets and pancakes, to wok-fried vegetables and noodles, to an assortment of danishes. Absolutely incredible, …

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Thailand: Travel days

Well, it’s finally here! Today is the day that we leave for Thailand. We got up around 04:00 GMT-6 to head for the airport, and hopped on the first flight. When we were already on the plane waiting to depart for Chicago, the pilot came over the intercom to inform us that there was a …

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