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Comet Coffee and Microbakery in Saint Louis, MO

As with most cities, Saint Louis has a plethora of places to get a cup of coffee and some pastries or treats. The vast majority of those places are good, some of them are great, even fewer are exceptional standouts, and the top-tier is comprised of those that are truly remarkable. In my opinion, Comet …

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Best Indian food in Saint Louis, MO – Peshwa Indian Restaurant

I am no stranger to Indian food, as it is among my favourite types of cuisine (along with Thai and Vietnamese). Having been back in the Saint Louis area for two years now, I have tried many different Indian restaurants, but have been disappointed for one reason or another (price, variety of regional dishes, a …

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Thailand Day 1: Snakes, Jim Thompson, and Siam Niramit

Surprisingly, we awoke earlier than intended, and decided to seize the day. We headed down to the 5th floor for the included breakfast, which was massively diverse! The Eastin Grand Sathorn hotel offered everything from some Americanised, “Western” dishes like omelets and pancakes, to wok-fried vegetables and noodles, to an assortment of danishes. Absolutely incredible, …

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