Tag: philosophy

Desire: More than a streetcar?

I’m currently reading the book Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax, MD, PhD. Though I will surely write a detailed review and critique of his work when I finish it, I found a statement in his book so intriguing that I believed immediate mention to be warranted. About halfway through the sixth chapter, which is about …

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Slow Dance

Just a little while ago, I received an email containing a poem that needs to be shared with the world. This poem was written by a young girl with cancer, currently in a hospital in New York, United States. When you read the poem, you may feel a variety of different emotions sweeping over you; …

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Fortune cookie wisdom

I just finished indulging in a feast of chicken lo mein (sans vegetables) and steamed rice from the local Chinese take-out joint. I reached into the nearly empty brown bag and found precisely what I was looking for: the tasty, crisp, and perpetually enigmatic fortune cookie. After delicately cracking its outer shell in half–causing a …

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