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Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times (Part III)

We should find the truth in this world through our difficulties, through our suffering. This is the basic teaching of Buddhism. Pleasure is not different from difficulty. Good is not different from bad. Bad is good; good is bad.                     –Shunryu Suzuki Roshi The first part of the quote seems to say that the through the …

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Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times (Part II)

If you want to deny or avoid something and have a picnic or vacation instead, you may feel some short-term relief, but the problem will remain. So instead of doing that, if you penetrate into the suffering or the tragedy and see its nature with some perspective, your mental attitude will improve, and you will …

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Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times (Part I)

I was over at a friend’s house yesterday, and I saw something on her refrigerator door. It was a small of Buddhist proverbs relating to difficult times and tough situations. At first I didn’t pay much attention to any of the writings, but instead opened the door and got some ice out of the freezer. …

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