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Hurt – The Crux review

Hurt is a band that I’ve enjoyed for many years, due primarily to the nuances that they often bring to the sometimes overly-done genre of hard rock. J. Loren Wince (the lead vocalist) plays a violin in many of Hurt’s songs, and that is an amazing sound when coupled with the steady, low-end crunch of …

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Vote for Libera at the Great Exhibition 2012

Libera, the phenomenal boys choir with whom I work, is a contestant in the 2012 Great Exhibition, which celebrates the “Greats” of Great Britain. They are currently in the category of “Undiscovered – Britain Music / Entertainment.” Though that is their primary category, they even have a chance of being in the Top 10 overall …

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All That Remains – For We are Many review

The album may not be all that new (seeing as it was released on 12 October 2010), but I just recently added it to my collection. After having listened to it several times now, I think that I have a solid understanding of the direction of the album. 1. Now Let Them Tremble – 7 …

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