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Celldweller – Wish Upon a Blackstar review

I have been a big fan of Celldweller, since the self-titled release in 2003. Just a few weeks ago, Klayton released the newest Celldweller album, entitled Wish Upon a Blackstar. There was a Deluxe Edition that was only available through FiXT, and it featured a second disc with all instrumentals presented in a different order. …

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Blood Stain Child – Epsilon review

Recently, when I was browsing the interesting artists on the FiXT Store (which specialises in electronica, techno, electronic rock, and similar genres of music), I stumbled upon an artist that I had never even remotely heard of. Their band name is really disturbing to me; almost to the point that I passed on listening to …

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Blue Stahli – Self-titled review

Years ago, I purchased the self-titled release from Celldweller (Klayton), and was blown away at the new and innovative sound. That started my journey into the genre of dub-metal / techno-metal or whatever other name you would like to attribute to the style. Not all that long ago, I found out about Blue Stahli, behind …

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