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The real war

There is all this talk of a war going on in the Middle East, President Bush, and all that other jargon. However, what we commonly overlook is the civil war going on right here in the United States. There is a HUGE battle going on between the US citizens and the RIAA / MPAA / …

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Open Letter

Alrighty, I’m finally done with my rough draft of my open letter. The letter addresses my concerns of the Balanced Literacy program being used in gradeschool. While I think it may be an effective methodology for high school, and even middle school, I don’t think it is efficient at the elementary level. This letter was …

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Letter from Birmingham Jail

I just finished my essay on Martin Luther King’s response to the “Public Statement of Eight Alabama Clergymen.” King wrote a “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to express his concerns with the Clergymen’s underlying racism in their statement. I wrote an essay illustrating King’s use of ethical, relgious, and emotional appeals and their effect. If you …

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