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Anger gets us nowhere

I went out to pick my car up from the shop… again. When I arrived, I found out that essentially nothing had been done while it was there. I took it in to have the AEM A/F gauge removed, the primary O2 sensor wired to the K-Pro ECU, and have the calibration smoothed out. Well, …

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Today my car went back into the shop for a dyno tuning. I’m hoping that this will smooth out the problem with my Air-Fuel Ratio. Right now, when I am at about 5% – 20% partial throttle and mid-range revving (around 3000 rpm), I lean out at around 15.8:1 all the way to 16.5:1. The …

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Sorry I haven’t written much in the ol’ Z-Issue lately. I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and other things. I’ll try to bring you quickly up to date on everything that’s going on. First, with regards to the car, I found out that my navigation won’t work again unless I get a speed pulse generator …

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