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Engine update…yet again

Today I went to go check on the car. Kyle is in place and everything seems to be going smoothly. I had to bring up the fuel lines so that the fuel could go from the firewall line to the block itself. I notice something quite odd though. It looks like there is a big …

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Car troubles

Well today turned out to not be the best in the K-swap world. This morning I got a phone call saying that I needed to get the fuel feeder line for an RSX type-S. I thought I wouldn’t need it because my stock D17 ones should work fine. However, those lines had to be cut …

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Engine update II

My engine has been removed and the new one is going in. I got the PS return lines and the Kpro is being sent to the shop today. That means, if all goes well, I could potentially be done with the swap tonight. If not, though, it should be done by Monday. |:| Zach |:|