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And another weekend comes to a close

Yet again a weekend has come and gone. As usual, it flew by without me even knowing. This week is going to be somewhat challenging because of the amount of assignments that are due. On Wednesday, my SPSS worksheet for stats is due. On Thursday, my philosophy of education is due. On Friday, I have …

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The Z-Ride has been put to the test

I have been driving the new K20a ITR Civic around for a few days now. It definitely has ups and downs. Firstly, I’ll list the things that are wrong or that I don’t like: It really needs to be dyno tuned. Overall, the base ITR map worked pretty nicely, but when I cruise on the …

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Car is due back tomorrow

I talked to the shop today and I will definitely get my car back tomorrow afternoon. I’m pretty excited about it. The only thing I’m worried about is that I’m supposed to pick it up around 15:30 and then I have to be back at school for a conference at 17:00. That’s really not a …

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