The strongest memories don’t fade with time

08 August is a difficult day for me each year, because it serves as a reminder. It’s a reminder that, due to lapses of moral justice or another person’s voracious attempt to gain respect and power, life doesn’t always play out in the manner that we think it should.

Four years ago today was the last sliver of time that I would get to spend with a truly remarkable kid. I hope that one day we get to talk again, and catch up on everything that has happened in your life over this course of time. Though we haven’t had the opportunity to see one another in quite a while, I think about you all the time—wondering how you’re doing, and hoping that life is treating you to the absolute best that it has to offer you. I also hope, (and this is my biggest hope), that you know that if you ever need anything at all, I will do whatever I can to help you.

Love you, buddy.


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