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The gift you didn’t get for Christmas

Here’s a video clip of that one gift that I’m sure you didn’t get this past Christmas. Maybe if you ask again, you’ll get it for your birthday. 😉 The following clip is rated PG-13 for explicit content and language. Please, if you want to watch the video more than once, download the Riva FLV …

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No way / Norway

Here’s a link to a really heartwarming video. View the video FIRST, before reading my comments below. Oh yeah, and it is much better with sound, so turn on your speakers. 🙂 If you liked this video and wish to watch it again, please download it instead of clicking “play” again (help me keep my …

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Mercury blooper or, errrrr, ummm…boner

So, while watching television (Zach says in a Pancho Villa tone of voice), something interesting came to my attention. A commercial for the Mercury Milan came on and there is a very perky (hehe, pun intended) tune in the background. In the song, which is called To the Nth Degree, a girl sings (in a …

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