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Can’t sleep

I wanted to get a good night’s sleep for once. However, I am still wide awake. Instead of going to bed, though, I’m here with Miss Bociphus Jackson and she’s just as happy as can be. She’s purring like a diesel engine; so loudly that her whole body is shaking. She wanted to say hi …

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School tomorrow

I can’t believe that I completely forgot about that book I was supposed to read for History. It was this 200-page autobiographical account of Japanese-American treatment during WWII. I sat down yesterday, and read it all. It was called “Farewell to Manzanar” and was actually a nice read. By that, I don’t mean that it …

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I take back the mean things I said about Garbage. The game was rescheduled for next week, which means we have 5 games in 7 days. Can’t beat that!