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Damn you, Garbage!

Garbage, a few years back, had this song called “I’m Only Happy When it Rains,” and I blame them for the bad weather today. The weather gods were angry and decided that soccer needed to be cancelled today. I guess it was a good thing though because now I can study a little more for …

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Billy’s Back?

Well, to anyone that knows me, it is readily apparent that I was a big Billy Gilman fan back in the day. However, I was just sent a link to one of his new music videos in an email from my good friend Keith, and it’s really good. I think he might be making a …

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Stickers and bezels

Firstly, I’m finally finishing up on the stickers for the books in the “reading room” at school. I have found out how tedious it is to do the same process 200 times with just slightly different data. Therefore, data entry is NOT a possibility for me. Secondly, I was almost done coating all my interior …

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