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Mozilla Messaging and Sunbird

Recently, the Mozilla foundation released a news brief stating that there will be a new “wholly owned subsidiary” (per the news brief) known as Mozilla Messaging. This new branch of the Mozilla project will be working on the new features and overhaul of Thunderbird, which will eventually become Thunderbird 3. One of the key focal …

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The red badge of courag…loserdom

Well everyone, I always said that I was a big nerd, and now it is official. I went and took the nerd quiz (which actually had some challenging questions), and this is the badge that I get to…errrrrr…ummmmmmm…proudly display: So, any time that you hear me complain about not having a significant other, please do …

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Upgrade finished, skin undecided

Just as a status update, I have finished the upgrade to the blog. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, but they should help speed up rendering times. 🙂 However, I’ve still not decided whether I want to change the skin of the blog. I believe that I’ve found a new theme that is …

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