Netbook’s arrival

Hello all,

I have received my Asus eeePC 1000HA, and worked on it a little bit. Since I can’t stand that legacy operating system that is Windows, I started researching what I would need to do to get Linux on it. Seeing as there is no optical drive on the machine, I had to install the SystemRescueCD onto a USB flash drive, and then install Gentoo from within that environment. I currently have a base system installed, and am doing the initial update/rebuild using my USE flags. I still have a HUGE amount of things to do and bugs to work out before the netbook will have a nice working environment under Gentoo. A brief list would be:

1. Get wifi working with the crappy Atheros card.
2. Get the function keys working.
3. Install the X server.
4. Choose my window manager / desktop environment.
5. Find an appropriate battery monitor.
6. Write my ACPI scripts for acpid.
7. Install all the programs I will use daily.

So there’s really a lot to do, and I’m frustrated with most of it right now because I’ve been working on it most of the day. However, I think that I will soon turn the frustration into determination, and that will help me to kill off these problems one by one.

|:| Zach |:|

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