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New server

After a lot of prep work, my blog is now on my new Gentoo server. I have certainly learned a lot from this experience, and have a lot more to learn! Everything works just fine with regard to the blog, but I am still having trouble getting my mail server set up with postfix, and …

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Videos work again

It had recently come to my attention that the embedded flash videos I had on my blog stopped working. I found out that this had to do with the lighttpd backend, and hotlinking protection. Anyway, all the videos should work again. If you find one that doesn’t, please send me an email. Thanks! |:| Zach …

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The triumphant return

The Z-Issue went down for quite a stretch of time after the switch to a new server. Couple the move with the severe lack of time that I’ve had lately, and it makes sense that there wouldn’t be any new posts for months. I have finally gotten all the bugs worked out, and now the …

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