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After a lot of prep work, my blog is now on my new Gentoo server. I have certainly learned a lot from this experience, and have a lot more to learn! Everything works just fine with regard to the blog, but I am still having trouble getting my mail server set up with postfix, and dovecot (using just flat passwd/shadow files for each virtual domain). I am done with that for the day, though, and will pick it up again tomorrow. If anyone feels like lending me a hand in the virtual mail server process, please let me know by commenting here or sending me a private message on the Gentoo fora (nathanzachary).


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    • Brian Evans on Friday, 1 October 2010 at 20:24
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    I’m very fluent with Postfix + Dovecot including it’s SASL and can help if needed.

    Just email me your ‘postconf -n’ and ‘dovecot -n’ outputs and I can help.

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