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Massage and relaxation

Today was the first time in well over five years that I went for a full-body massage. I was a little hesitant given that I’ve lost a lot of weight, and don’t exactly have a lot of muscle mass–I guess I was worried that the pressure might be a bit too deep for comfort. However, …

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Sunday was much nicer

Saturday wasn’t all that fun, and if you want to know about those events, you can read the entry below this one. However, today was much nicer. I was in good company, ate a nice meal, and went on a long photo shoot. First, I met up with Deb and we went over to a …

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The events of Saturday

Saturday turned out to be quite an uneventful day. It started out with some nice sunshine, but that changed to overcast nastiness by the middle of the afternoon. I went car shopping with my Mom and Dad around 13:00. We went to lunch at this oriental buffet that wasn’t all that great, but at least …

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