Massage and relaxation

Today was the first time in well over five years that I went for a full-body massage. I was a little hesitant given that I’ve lost a lot of weight, and don’t exactly have a lot of muscle mass–I guess I was worried that the pressure might be a bit too deep for comfort. However, it was wonderful! I told the massage therapist that the troublesome areas were along the underside of my shoulder blades (especially my left), and in my legs (probably from the running), and those were the areas on which she focused.

I can’t believe that 60 minutes went by so quickly, but I think that it was the right amount of time given that I haven’t had one in ages. I left feeling completely relaxed, and didn’t have any of the sore pressure points that I usually have a couple hours after a run. Next time, I’m either going to add hot stones (which allow for deeper tissue work, and could help with my middle back), or go for acupuncture. The latter is performed by a woman who has multiple degrees in Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy. Anyway, it was a wonderful experience that was well worth the money.


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