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Wine tasting review – 16 June 2012

Today, as I had a lot of errands to run, I only went to the tasting at HV Bottle Shop. This week’s tasting was from a particular distributor known as Juice Wine Purveyors, and focused on a theme of wines for the Patio and Grille: Wines are discussed in order from right to left The …

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Introduction to Wine, part I: looking, smelling, and tasting

Last Thursday (07 June 2012), I went to my first wine class. The class was entitled “From Vine to Wine: Wine 101,” and was held at Wine Authorities in Durham, NC. Though I have enjoyed wine for several years, I have just recently started researching various aspects thereof–different varietals, regions, and so on. There was …

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Wine tasting review – 09 June 2012

Now that I have been to my first wine class (“From Vine to Wine: Wine 101,” about which I am planning several posts to share the information that I learned), I have started taking tasting sessions more seriously. There are two great wine merchants in The Triangle, and they each have tastings on Saturdays. So, …

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