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Austria Day 1: Travel and trying to stay awake in Vienna

It seems like we were just planning for this trip, and somehow it’s already time for us to embark on this next journey… this time to Austria! I woke up and went for my 15km (~9.2 mi) run because I have to at least get in one last one before taking a couple weeks off, …

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Italy Day 6: Montalcino, 2 wineries, and dinner in a quaint town

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for: getting to see the birthplace of my favourite wine varietal (Brunello) in the small town of Montalcino. There’s only one problem… it’s cloudy and raining! When we went downstairs for some coffee and a light breakfast, though, Marcello told me that the rain was supposed to …

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Italy Day 2: Campo de’ Fiori market, the Colosseum, and nightlife

Today is a new day, and after sleeping some absurd amount of time, we were ready to get out there and see what Rome had to offer. We started off by heading to Campo de’ Fiori. There is an open-air market there in the square that is available every day except Sunday. Though the goods …

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