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Wine tasting review – 23 June 2012

Again this week I was a bit on the busy side, and as such, only attended the second of the two Saturday wine tastings (the one at HV Bottle Shop). The primary focus of this week’s tasting was a particular winemaker named M. Chapoutier, although there was one rosé from a different vineyard. Chapoutier (pronounced …

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Introduction to Wine, part II: flavour components and terms

In the first instalment of “Introduction to Wine”, I discussed the process of trying a wine for the first time. These steps including looking at the wine’s colour and viscosity, taking in all of the aromas that the wine has to offer, and the way to best experience the entire flavour profile of the wine. …

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Wine tasting review – 16 June 2012

Today, as I had a lot of errands to run, I only went to the tasting at HV Bottle Shop. This week’s tasting was from a particular distributor known as Juice Wine Purveyors, and focused on a theme of wines for the Patio and Grille: Wines are discussed in order from right to left The …

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