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Should you laugh at these cartoons?

I was perusing DA and I stumbled across some very interesting political cartoons. The first of which was rather amusing because of its content and the overly devious-looking caricatures. The second, however, wasn’t so funny, but it definitely proved my point about this so-called “war” (a.k.a. another excuse for Bush to have wartime presidential powers) …

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A thousand…nah, try three

When viewing photo albums, or looking through old photographs with friends and family, it is likely that one will hear the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, there are some images that show up here and there that don’t need a thousand words to deliver their message. Sometimes, just sometimes, a picture …

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Poor Evelyn, Poor World

My wonderful Adolescent Psychology professor was in quite a funk today. She came in and yelled at us because she found out that a student had been plagiarizing all of her papers. I can understand Evelyn’s pain as that is the bane of any professor’s existence. To make matters worse, she was really upset about …

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