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I just got sent a bunch of pictures of that old cranky lady… you know the one… the one that always says mean things…no, you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Fine, I’ll show you. This was one of them, and I’ll try to post the others sometime in the near future, but …

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UKTV – Boys Alone

Well, I just received my copy of this TV show that aired on UKTV a while ago. The movie is called Boys Alone and it is a psuedo-reality TV documentary where ten 11-year-old boys were put in a house to live for an extended period of time. They weren’t allowed to leave the house or …

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Hello World!

I guess it is necessary to take the “programmer” approach and create my first blog entry as a hello to the world. Therefore, without further procrastination, –Zach