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Sunday was much nicer

Saturday wasn’t all that fun, and if you want to know about those events, you can read the entry below this one. However, today was much nicer. I was in good company, ate a nice meal, and went on a long photo shoot. First, I met up with Deb and we went over to a …

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Cute Kitty

I was just up in my Child Psych professor’s office and she showed me this really cute flash movie. Instead of hogging someone else’s bandwidth, I decided to put it on my site. Not only is the kitten cute, but it does different playful things with you hover your mouse over certain areas. See if …

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Now that’s holiday spirit!

I was sent this video a while back via email, and I just forgot to post it. This has to be the coolest display of Christmas lights that I’ve seen in a long time. It is set to the music of TSO. I’ll admit though that the first thing to pop into my head was …

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