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The red badge of courag…loserdom

Well everyone, I always said that I was a big nerd, and now it is official. I went and took the nerd quiz (which actually had some challenging questions), and this is the badge that I get to…errrrrr…ummmmmmm…proudly display: So, any time that you hear me complain about not having a significant other, please do …

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Collection of funny cat vids

Sam sent me this email recently that I couldn’t open for some reason or another. Tonight, though, I finally got it to play and I laughed my butt off. This is a collection of video clips with funny cats in them. I absolutely love the second one with the cat drinking the bowl of milk. …

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Tonight, I went and saw my first movie on an IMAX screen. It was quite the experience! Not only is the screen large and the picture quality really impressive, but the sound is also larger than life. I saw the movie, Night at the Museum, with Ben Stiller. It was a mediocre movie, but definitely …

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