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The Weatherman

Last night I watched the movie The Weatherman with Nicholas Cage. I figured that since Lord of War was incredible, that this movie would be on the same level because it had Cage in it. It was not, by any stretch, an awful movie. However, it was quite bleak in that Cage’s life was spiraling …

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UKTV – Boys Alone

Well, I just received my copy of this TV show that aired on UKTV a while ago. The movie is called Boys Alone and it is a psuedo-reality TV documentary where ten 11-year-old boys were put in a house to live for an extended period of time. They weren’t allowed to leave the house or …

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Lord of War

My goal is to keep this entry as short as possible while still maintaining the level of total enthusiasm that I have towards this film. In Lord of War Nicholas Cage plays a Ukranian immigrant named Yuri Orlov that decides his life isn’t really going in the direction he would like. He chooses to get …

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