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Not quiet on the indie front

Over the past couple of days I’ve been actively looking for new independent and foreign films. In particular, I’ve wanted to find purchasable DVDs of Jeff Erbach’s The Nature of Nicholas, and Soft Like Me, Kat Candler’s Cicadas, and Joshua Sanchez’s Kill or be Killed. To start on these valiant and estranged quests, I tried …

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Tonight, I went and saw my first movie on an IMAX screen. It was quite the experience! Not only is the screen large and the picture quality really impressive, but the sound is also larger than life. I saw the movie, Night at the Museum, with Ben Stiller. It was a mediocre movie, but definitely …

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The Virgin Suicides

Last night I watched Sophia Coppola’s version of The Virgin Suicides before I had to return it today. If I hadn’t read the book, I would have simply accepted the movie and been done with it. However, in the midst of taking her own approach to the story, she really butchered the overall tone and …

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