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Fortune cookie wisdom part III

I should probably take it as a sign that I eat too much takeaway Asian food, but it’s time for yet another chapter of fortune cookie wisdom. Before reading these ones, make sure that you check out part I, and part II. I don’t know that these ones are my favourites, but I only add …

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Honesty – Pass it On video about classroom cheating

Recently, I saw an advertisement on television regarding honesty. It was presented by the Foundation for a Better Life, and takes place in a classroom. It depicts students taking a test, and one boy–glancing around the room to ensure that the teacher isn’t watching–tries to get some answers from a neighbouring boy. The latter finally …

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Tony Pugliese and Alex Mancuso on North Carolina’s proposed gay marriage ban

Today on the North Carolina news station WRAL-5, my cousin Anthony Pugliese and his partner, Alex Mancuso, were interviewed regarding the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage across the state. The amendment is set to be on the ballot on 08 May 2012, and currently, it seems like there are many more individuals who favour …

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