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Drill Sergeant surprised by a boy’s response about fatherhood

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to this video clip of a Drill Sergeant coming down hard on a preteen boy for his bad behaviour (taken from the Jenny Jones show, Bootcamp my Preteen episode). The boy’s response caught him off-guard, but should serve as a reminder to us of the different …

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Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times (Part II)

If you want to deny or avoid something and have a picnic or vacation instead, you may feel some short-term relief, but the problem will remain. So instead of doing that, if you penetrate into the suffering or the tragedy and see its nature with some perspective, your mental attitude will improve, and you will …

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Have you ever noticed that you can be having a wonderful day, and then all it takes is one person to say one thing to ruin your mood? Sometimes it makes me wonder if it is just me, or if everyone is that heavily influenced by the comments, feelings, or actions of others. I just …

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