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Avenue Q

Today I had the great honour of seeing an incredibly funny play at the Fox Theatre in Saint Louis, MO, USA. I went with two great friends to see Avenue Q, which is might be explained as “Sesame Street for adults.” The show features Muppets, but includes profanity, alcohol, one-night stands, and truly deserves this …

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Slow Dance

Just a little while ago, I received an email containing a poem that needs to be shared with the world. This poem was written by a young girl with cancer, currently in a hospital in New York, United States. When you read the poem, you may feel a variety of different emotions sweeping over you; …

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I have really gotten back into the swing of posting and being a part of the DeviantART community. I have put up copies of the two photographs presented here on the Z-Issue under the “photography” category. So far, it does seem like there are a few people interested in my work, and my piece entitled …

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