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Sent by Ravens – Mean What You Say review

Just a couple days ago, I reviewed Sent by Raven’s first CD, entitled Our Graceful Words. I have listened to their second album a few times now, and think that I’m at a point where I can review it (especially in comparison with their previous one). 1. Prudence – 6 / 10 Like their previous …

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Sent by Ravens – Our Graceful Words review

On one of my Pandora channels, I have a lot of artists like Anberlin, The Juliana Theory, and others with similar qualities. One night, I heard a song by a band called Sent by Ravens, and I thought that it was pretty good. I also found both of their studio albums for a good price, …

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Jason Derulo – Future History review

Jason Derülo is one of several artists that I would classify as “easy hip-hop,” meaning that it isn’t as rugged as a lot of the rappers out there, but isn’t as mellow as “easy listening.” Having enjoyed his first, self-titled, album, I was excited to hear that he was releasing some new tracks on an …

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