A little piece of my childhood is going away

I read an article yesterday that was somewhat bittersweet to me, for it reminded me of a truly joyful part of my childhood, but also mentioned that it will no longer be produced. Considering the internet was not really an option for most people when I was a kid, and seeing as I was really into video games as a boy, we children of the 80s and 90s had to rely on other sources for our info, hints, and cheats for games. One of the absolute best sources of that information was Nintendo Power magazine.

Though it started in 1988, I wasn’t quite involved in the gaming community at that time as I was barely out of nappies. The first issue that I remember owning was number 30, which featured a lot of information about Final Fantasy II (in the US; in Japan, it was known as Final Fantasy IV):

Nintendo Power Magazine - Final Fantasy II cover - Issue 30

Seeing as the Final Fantasy saga is my favourite of all time, and that Final Fantasy II was the best of the entire series (in my mind), I had to have the magazine. Shortly thereafter, I became one of the hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I also remember calling their tip line when Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past came out for Super Nintendo (still the best gaming system ever released). Not going to lie; when my mother saw that call on the phone bill, she was less than pleased.

Oh boy, good memories, but definitely sad to see that they are calling it quits. I guess with the internet’s prominence, there really isn’t that much of a need for such a magazine.



  1. Got issue 1 lying around here somewhere…

      • Zach on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 at 21:29
      • Reply

      Wow, man, that’s awesome! Like I said, my first issue was #30. I’m willing to bet that #1 would be worth some money if you’re looking to get rid of it. With the hype going around about them stopping production of it, there may be some people out there looking for it. 🙂


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