Yo-N-Go frozen yoghurt – Saint Louis, MO

Back in early August, there was a Groupon for a new frozen yoghurt place called Yo-N-Go in Saint Louis, MO. Located in the “downtown” area near Laclede’s Landing, the location can be somewhat difficult in terms of parking. However, just a couple blocks to the north, there is plenty of free street parking available.

The establishment looks very similar inside to many of the other premium frozen yoghurt places in the area (and elsewhere, for that matter). One thing that caught my eye, though, is that the flavours are displayed on the machines via a digital screen instead of just a sign above them. Not that the display impacts the quality of the yoghurt, but I just thought that it was neat. Now, interestingly, the only legitimate review on Yelp (I say “legitimate” as the other review was a customer who was angry that her attempt to abuse the Groupon policy had failed, and she decided to lash out at the owner) indicates that the yoghurt was lacking flavour. I would have to strongly disagree. I had a combination of red velvet cake and carrot cake, both of which were very tasty! Deb had the sugar-free chocolate which was surprisingly not gritty (many of the sugar-free flavours tend to have a less-than-pleasing texture). That being said, there were not as many topping offerings as I would have liked. Some of my favourites (like graham cracker crumbs, and a wide assortment of fresh fruits) were not available.

Also, unlike the upset reviewer on Yelp, I found the owner (Matt) to be quite helpful and friendly. We used our Groupon according to the terms and conditions, and didn’t have any problem doing so.

In any case, though, I think that Yo-N-Go is a good addition to the host of premium frozen yoghurt venues in the Saint Louis area, and it is good to see one that isn’t in the county. I wouldn’t say that it is the absolute best frozen yoghurt that I’ve ever had, but it ranks significantly higher than many of the others around town.


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