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Wine tasting review – 07 July 2012

As summertime nears its peak, and temperatures sore into the high mid-to-high 30s, many of the local wine shops are focusing more on crisp, refreshing whites and rosés than on heavier reds. Though I strongly prefer deep, dry reds, it is nice to experience some of the others of which I wouldn’t typically purchase bottles. …

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Introduction to Wine, part III: Seasons of the vine

In the second instalment of “Introduction to Wine,” I explained some of the flavour components of wines, and the terminology that is generally used to describe those flavours (as well as some of the corresponding aromas). In this chapter, though, I’m going to cover a very important non-drinking-related aspect of wine–the seasons of the vine. …

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Introduction to Wine, part II: flavour components and terms

In the first instalment of “Introduction to Wine”, I discussed the process of trying a wine for the first time. These steps including looking at the wine’s colour and viscosity, taking in all of the aromas that the wine has to offer, and the way to best experience the entire flavour profile of the wine. …

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