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New banners

I was looking through the images provided with the new default theme here, and thought that it might be better to replace them with my own images. I chose a bunch of photos that I’ve taken over the past years, cropped them to the necessary 1000×288 dimensions, and uploaded them. I love that they can …

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New stuff

Hello all, I have finally implemented the new theme here on the Z-Issue. I really enjoy this new look, and think that it is a little more modern than the last one. Also, I have put in a “Random Quote” box in the upper-right corner. Some of these quotes are funny, some are serious. I …

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New look coming soon

Hello all, I’m currently finishing up everything for the new look of the Z-Issue. I’m hoping to have everything done by the end of the week. It’s a new sleek style with some added functionality, new links, new buttons, and a bunch more cool stuff. I will make an announcement when it is done, but …

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