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Netbook’s arrival

Hello all, I have received my Asus eeePC 1000HA, and worked on it a little bit. Since I can’t stand that legacy operating system that is Windows, I started researching what I would need to do to get Linux on it. Seeing as there is no optical drive on the machine, I had to install …

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A wireless land-line?

Considering T-Mobile’s current lag behind some other USDM cellular providers in areas such as mobile broadband, streaming media, and built-in GPS–which are all current features in T-Mobile of the Netherlands, by the way–the corporate higher-ups have released information regarding their newest addition to their arsenal of services. Using a wireless router in your home to …

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The real war

There is all this talk of a war going on in the Middle East, President Bush, and all that other jargon. However, what we commonly overlook is the civil war going on right here in the United States. There is a HUGE battle going on between the US citizens and the RIAA / MPAA / …

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