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Getting a job in IT?

Earlier this year, over at explosm.net, there was a particular strip of Cyanide and Happiness about résumés. This comic was part of a rewrite contest, and quickly spread as an internet meme. Today at work, I received this amazing variation of it: While Google is certainly a useful tool in researching various solutions, or finding …

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Stalled scp transfers due to OpenSSH regression

Recently, I started having troubles with transferring files to my servers via scp. Typically, I would just issue the scp command without any options at all (regarding rate limiting, et cetera). However, I started having a problem where it would only transfer small files–ones that were

Equifax sends passwords insecurely in plain text leading to potential identity theft

The credit bureau Equifax claims to take various precautions regarding their customers’ personal information, and attempts to combat identity theft. However, if you ever need to contact their customer service for any reason (being locked out of your account, resetting your password, et cetera), they will send you your password in plain text. You might …

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