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Have you ever noticed that you can be having a wonderful day, and then all it takes is one person to say one thing to ruin your mood? Sometimes it makes me wonder if it is just me, or if everyone is that heavily influenced by the comments, feelings, or actions of others. I just …

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Slow Dance

Just a little while ago, I received an email containing a poem that needs to be shared with the world. This poem was written by a young girl with cancer, currently in a hospital in New York, United States. When you read the poem, you may feel a variety of different emotions sweeping over you; …

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Fortune cookie wisdom

I just finished indulging in a feast of chicken lo mein (sans vegetables) and steamed rice from the local Chinese take-out joint. I reached into the nearly empty brown bag and found precisely what I was looking for: the tasty, crisp, and perpetually enigmatic fortune cookie. After delicately cracking its outer shell in half–causing a …

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