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New look coming soon

Hello all, I’m currently finishing up everything for the new look of the Z-Issue. I’m hoping to have everything done by the end of the week. It’s a new sleek style with some added functionality, new links, new buttons, and a bunch more cool stuff. I will make an announcement when it is done, but …

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DA button

No, it’s not slang for “the button,” but rather my new DeviantART button. It is located in the right sidebar along with all the other buttons. Clicking it will take you directly to my page on DeviantART. I know the button doesn’t really look all that great, but for right now it will be just …

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Slowly but surely

Well, I guess I’m slacking a little bit on putting the new buttons in the right-side menu. However, I’m trying to create my own icons and categorize them according to what each of the programs do. This is going to take some time to get a nice, full, effective–and of course, pretty looking–list. If you …

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