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Tek Gear performance shorts

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Tek Gear performance sleeveless shirts from Kohl’s. Since I like the sleeveless shirts so much, I thought that I would try some of their shorts. I couldn’t find any running shorts, but they did make a general pair of athletic shorts, and so I picked up a pair …

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Interval running

As of late, I have started to enjoy my distance runs less and less. I’ve never really considering running to be one of my favourite exercises anyway (especially when compared to cycling and swimming), but now I’ve started to dread the idea of going for a run five or six days per week. Until today, …

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Tek Gear performance sleeveless shirts

Tek Gear is a brand of athletic apparel that is sold exclusively at Kohl’s. I started buying the brand a while back because it is significantly cheaper than other, larger brands like Adidas, Nike, and even Reebok (which used to be one of my favourites for athletic clothing [especially generalist shoes]). A few weeks ago, …

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