Summa cum laude + Ph. D. = intelligence?

While reading this chapter in my Educational Psychology book, I found yet another example of why Robert Sternberg is not the brightest man in the world. In this section, he spent a good amount of time talking about language development and verbal competency. Then, he comes up with this stunningly obfuscating and self-referencing definition for “direct instruction:”

“Direct instruction is the teaching situation in which a teacher…imparts knowledge to a child by teaching it.”

You don’t say!? Way to go Robert J. Sternberg, Ph. D. Beautiful sentence structure is obviously not one of the foci of a Standford doctoral program. :p

|:| Zach |:|

Sternberg, R.J. & Williams, W.M. (2002). Educational psychology. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.


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    • QU on Friday, 30 March 2007 at 14:25
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    I hear that the city public school system is searching for a new superintendent. He sounds like he could be the man. Such insight.

    • Sam on Friday, 30 March 2007 at 04:29
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    I don’t think I would need to obtain a Ph. D. to write crap like that but I might need one to be qualified to compose fortunes. Those things impact people lives! Not silly text books… 😉

    • Sam on Friday, 30 March 2007 at 04:25
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    We should seriously find out who writes the fortunes for the cookies and figure out how to steal their job!

    1. Only if we can muster up the insight of Sternberg. :p

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