Today didn’t prove to be all that great of a day. Here’s how it went, in order of occurrence:

  • When feeding Bociphus, I poured her food right into her water.
  • Didn’t do so well on a sigma stats exam (I’m assuming, since I haven’t gotten it back yet).
  • Couldn’t get in to see the doctor.
  • When I finally got through to him, he said “forget coming here, GO TO THE E.R. NOW!
  • I went to the E.R. and they said it wasn’t a spider bite, but it was shingles.
  • I didn’t get to go to school after my stats exam (possibly the worst part of the day).

I have been going non-stop all day and now I’m just plain tired. I really don’t want to go to class tomorrow, but I cringe at the thought of having to make up a class period over my fall break. I just hope I can make it through the day without collapsing from exhaustion. I just don’t feel well.

That is all for now.
|:| Zach |:|

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