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Day 7: Stillness

Today we woke up and headed out to see St. Michaelis Cathedral. It was an amazing church filled with beautifully done woodwork inside. Being incredibly cold today, and seeing as the wind was whipping around madly, we didn’t tour the perimeter of the church for very long. We then headed to the Museum of Photography, …

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Day 6: Big city, quaint village

Today we awoke to see that there had been a massive snowfall overnight, and that the trip to Hamburg might take a little longer than expected. We set out anyway, and made it out of the city in about thirty minutes. I knew that I would then get to drive on A10, which stands for …

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Day 5: A day of good eats

Today was the full day in Düsseldorf, and it started out with a trip down to the market. We were looking for a particular bakery, but they weren’t open on Saturdays. However, that was no big deal as we just went into Oehme bakery instead. There, we got bröchen and a cream pastry. We sat …

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