Day 5: A day of good eats

Today was the full day in Düsseldorf, and it started out with a trip down to the market. We were looking for a particular bakery, but they weren’t open on Saturdays. However, that was no big deal as we just went into Oehme bakery instead. There, we got bröchen and a cream pastry. We sat at a table on the street and ate these delicious treats.

Afterwards, we made the trip to the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen museum, but alas, it was under construction. Nonetheless, it was located right near Burgplatz, which is a large plaza filled with shops, restaurants, bars, et cetera. It is a nice area, and it is located on the Rhine. While we were in Burgplatz, we saw the giant tower that is the Rheinturm (also known as the Rhine Tower). It is approximately 234 metres tall, and has a panoramic lookout at the top. We decided to go up and have a look. The view from the top was amazing, and it really put the entire city into perspective. We each had a glass of overpriced tea, and then made our way to dinner.

We decided to go to a place called Schnellenburg, which is essentially a German steak and seafood restaurant. I had an unusual cut of steak which the waiter described as the rear portion of what would be a porterhouse. It was unbelievably tender and had a great light glaze on it. There were also very nice potatoes similar to fingerlings as a side.

Tomorrow we leave for Hamburg at around 09:00 or so. The trip should take about four hours, but I would imagine we will stop along the way to look at some items of interest. While in Hamburg, we are planning on going to see the memorial at the Neuengamme concentration camp.

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    hey bro. sounds like ur havn fun. how do i access my email from another computer/ i cant remember what to type in the address bar. luv ya jason

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